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You're not alone in figuring out the curve-balls of life. Fresh Minds webinars cover a single topic over a number of sessions, run by our qualified therapists. Join from the comfort of your own couch, webinars are an easy and discreet way to get answers you've been after.

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anxiety series.

Join this live and interactive webinar to learn tools and techniques to manage anxiety.

teenage series.

For parents/caregivers wishing to learn how they can support their teens mind and mood wellbeing.

mood series.

Feeling a bit up and down? Learn tips and techniques for managing your mood as well as ways to improve sleep.

Managing Anxiety

We all deal with feeling anxious or worried at times. In this four-part webinar series, you’ll learn how anxiety affects people and tools and techniques to help reduce the impact of symptoms. The sessions are hosted live by a Fresh Minds therapist and will cover: Part 1: What is Anxiety? Part 2: Mindfulness Part 3: Anxiety and our behaviors Part 4: Anxiety and our thoughts


Wed, 05 Jun - 26 Jun, 12:30 PM

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four sessions $99

Parenting Strategies: Supporting your teen with Mind, Mood and Wellbeing

unfortunately there are no webinars currently available in this series.

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Managing Mood and Wellbeing

Life can throw us curve balls from time to time which affect the way we feel, think and behave. This four-part webinar series will provide practical tips and techniques for managing your mood and improve your wellbeing. The sessions are hosted live by a Fresh Minds therapist and will cover: Session 1: Understanding emotions Session 2: Self-care and wellbeing Session 3: Mood and our thoughts Session 4: Living a meaningful life


Thu, 06 Jun - 27 Jun, 01:00 PM

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four sessions $99


Fresh Minds webinars.

Check out the animation to find everything you need to know about our four part webinar series.

Fresh Minds webinar Animation

frequently asked questions.

what is a webinar?
A webinar is a live web-based video conference that uses the internet to connect the person hosting the webinar to participants. Participants can choose to be anonymous.
what topics do Fresh Minds offer by webinar?
Currently Fresh Minds offers one webinar series called Managing Anxiety. We are working on developing more modules to cover other topics.
are the webinars live or recorded?
Our webinars are run live, hosted by one of our qualified therapists.
what technology do I need to have to attend a webinar?
All you need to attend a Webinar is either a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone with internet connection. You will also need an e-mail address so we can send you the link to the webinar. We run our webinars through Zoom, a free video conferencing software. Instructions on how to set this up will be sent with your introduction email. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
can the host or other webinar participants see me on the webinar?
No-one can see or hear you on the webinar, including the presenter. You can use the chat function at any time to ask questions and it will be shown only to the presenter or to the whole group, depending on which option you choose. You can choose to be anonymous by selecting a non-descript name when entering the session.
what is the time commitment required to attend a webinar series?
Webinars are scheduled after work hours. The time commitment to attend is 45 minutes each week for four weeks. Participants will get the most benefit by attending the full series of four webinar sessions.
how can I register for a webinar series, do I need to be referred?
No you don't need to be referred, you can book, pay and register yourself through our website. If you are not sure if a webinar is right for you, you are welcome to discuss this with us or your GP.

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