what is stress?

Stress is our emotional and physical response to pressure from external factors, or internal factors such as the pressure we place on ourselves. External factors can include life events, illness, living conditions, work, home, family, finances or even things that are often perceived to be positive, such as Christmas or holidays.

Sometimes we're more fragile than we let on. That's OK, we're all human.

Through awareness comes understanding, through understanding comes knowledge, through knowledge comes wellbeing.

Stress can impact on our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours. Stress is often affected by our perception of whether our ability to cope matches or is outweighed by the things causing us stress. You might notice.

9 to 5 overthinking is draining. Weekend wandering in nature is where I find relief.

understanding stress

Calm rivers often start as turbulent waterfalls

can I get through this?

Definitely! All of us feel stressed and overwhelmed at times. Building on strategies helps us feel more able to cope, which in turn, helps us to feel less stressed.

doing things differently

how can fresh minds help?

Fresh Minds can help you connect your dots across mind, mood and wellness. We provide simple tools, helping you navigate a complex life.

Accepting who I
am, and not who I
should be.

fresh minds therapy

One-to-one therapy sessions designed around your personal needs, either in-person, over the phone or video

fresh minds learnings

Live and interactive webinar modules, online resources and workshops – easy access to the answers you need.

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fresh minds workplace

We work with organisations to develop bespoke solutions to support mind, mood and wellness in the workplace.

This resource was developed by a Fresh Minds psychologist, adapted from Te Hikuwai developed by Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui resources. For more information on our qualified therapists visit our team. 

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