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We design tools and services around how you want to live your life. Face-to-face therapy, online learning and digital solutions give you the flexibility to take action along your wellbeing journey.


One-to-one conversations with your therapist. This could be in person, over the phone or video. Together we will agree on an approach that works for you - simple tools designed around your life.

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frequently asked questions.

how much does it cost to see a Fresh Minds therapist?
Some people may be eligible for funded treatment. If this relates to you, your doctor would have spoken to you about this and directly referred you to Fresh Minds.!
I am not sure why I was referred to your service?
If you are not sure why you were referred to Fresh Minds by your doctor, then it is a good idea to discuss this with them first. This will help you understand why they thought our service could be of use to you.
how do I get an appointment with Fresh Minds?
Your GP may refer you through to our services, please speak to your doctor in the first instance to ask if you are eligible to see a Fresh Minds clinician.  
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how long is my appointment?
One to one therapy appointments are run for 50 minutes. Sometimes, follow up appointments can be 25 minutes – but this is determined by your needs and your therapist’s recommendations.
can I change my therapist if I don’t click with them?
You generally know at your first session whether you click with your therapist. If you would like to change to a different therapist after your first session, please contact our reception and they will arrange for you to see someone else. Working with Fresh Minds is about what’s best for you.
my doctor has referred me – am I going crazy?
Absolutely not - most New Zealanders experience mind, mood and wellbeing challenges at some point in their life. There is no shame in seeking help. Looking after our mental health is as important as looking after our bodies, it's all connected.
english is not my first language. do you have any staff that speak other languages?
Fresh Minds currently has staff that speak the following languages: Te Reo, Dutch, and Cantonese. You are welcome to bring someone with you to the appointment that can help translate. In some cases, with advance notice, we can arrange an interpreter for you.
can I bring another person with me to my appointment?
Yes, you are welcome to bring support people/whānau/friends to your appointment. If you have a large group, it would be helpful to let us know in advance. We will ensure that we have a space available that is comfortable for everyone.
what can I expect on my first visit?
It's a good idea to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our receptionist who will ask you to complete two forms. One is a consent form and the other is a form that gives your therapist some baseline information about how you are currently feeling. At your given appointment time, your therapist will take you through to a meeting room. Your first consultation will last about 50 minutes. Our therapists are open and understanding, they will make sure you feel comfortable. Together you will come up with a personal plan to help you move forward.
how long will it take for me to get better?
Each person’s life story is different. Therefore, each person’s path is different. You and your therapist will work together to create a plan best suited to your situation.


Better mind, mood and wellbeing doesn’t stop on the way out of the therapists office. Small, daily activities over time can go a long way to building up resilience to life’s challenges. That’s why Fresh Minds provides interim resources and services for between sessions. In addition to therapy, these are an easy and effective way to start working on your mind and mood health.


Fresh Minds webinars cover a single topic over a number of sessions, run by our qualified and accredited therapists. New dates and times are regularly updated.  


Fresh Minds does not currently have any workshops available.

fresh minds workplace

We work with organisations to develop bespoke solutions to support mind, mood and wellness in the workplace.