sleep difficulties

There are many factors that contribute to difficulties sleeping. These can include stress and anxiety, low mood, physical health and lifestyle factors, change or significant loss etc.

Often medication is used to treat insomnia. However, this is often only effective in the short term, and over time it can loose its positive effect. However, there are other strategies that can also be helpful for gaining good sleep habits.

Titiro whakamuri kokiri whakamua. Look back and reflect so you can move forward.

We all need tools and tips to help manage life's challenges. 

Sleep is important for our wellbeing so it is worth putting some thought and energy into establishing good sleep hygiene; these are the habits that can help us have a good nights sleep.

Sleep is the best meditation.

tips for improving sleep

“Help – best received before you really need it.”

can I get through this?

Of course. Remember that changing sleep patterns and habits can take time so be persistent. Try not to get too discouraged if sleep patterns take days or weeks to change.

doing things differently at night.

As well as setting good habits during the day to promote sleep there are also things you can try during the night to help keep you asleep.

things to try at night

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Accepting who I
am, and not who I
should be.

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This resource was developed by a Fresh Minds psychologist, adapted from Te Hikuwai developed by Te Pou o Te Whakaaro Nui resources. For more information on our qualified therapists visit our team. 

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