mind, mood and wellness.

Our minds set out each day to connect the dots we need to live well. Home and school, work and play, feeling stuck or moving forward – these are opposites we negotiate daily.

Fresh Minds can help you connect your dots across mind, mood and wellness. We provide simple tools, helping you navigate a complex life.

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fresh minds therapy

One-to-one therapy sessions designed around your personal needs, either in-person, over the phone or video.

fresh minds learnings

Live and interactive webinar modules, online resources and workshops – easy access to the answers you need.

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fresh minds workplace

We work with organisations to develop bespoke solutions to support mind, mood and wellness in the workplace.

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managing anxiety

Join this live and interactive webinar series to learn how to successfully reduce the impact of anxiety using simple tools and techniques. This four part webinar is hosted live by a Fresh Minds therapist and you can join from the comfort of your own couch.

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The brain makes 70,000 thought connections each day. Between work, play, family, health, mind and mood – connecting your dots in a complex world is not easy.


Anxiety is a feeling triggered by danger. It’s our bodies own built in alarm system, alerting us to threats ahead. This causes a rush of adrenaline to our system, activating fight or flight mode. Often, when we don’t need to be.

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